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Panel and Pole Display System

Panel and Pole Display Board Systems and Exhibition Panel and Pole Stands for Hire

Suitable both for providing display stands for a whole event or exhibition boards for individual organisations.

It is simple and quick to erect, looks professional and sturdy and provides great flexibility.

We can provide anything from a two panel table top display kit to a hall full of exhibition boards.

There are a number of display panel sizes available giving us the ability to provide a wide variety of exhibition stand sizes.

Panel and Pole Kits

The following gives an idea of the various display panel layouts that we can offer.

Kit One

Kit One

6' wide and 6' high display with 1' central header panel

Kit Two

Kit Two

7' high and 9' wide display with plinth and optional door to allow storage

Kit Three

Kit Three

Suitable for 2m x 3m exhibition space

Kit Four

Kit Four

8' wide and 6' high display with two 1' central header panels

Kit Five

Kit Five

9' wide and 6' high display with central 1' header panel

Information and Typical Costs

Panel and Pole Display System

These types of exhibition booth without the accessories could cost between £50 and £90 each depending on the venue, the duration of the event and number needed. If this type of event is envisaged we can help with the planning, if needed, and advise on the number of display stands which will fit into a venue.

Below are some examples of the types of events for which we have provided exhibition systems together with an indication of the possible cost:

A careers events


A careers event with 15 2m x 2m booths £750 to £1250.







A wedding fair

A wedding fair with 29 3m x 2m stands – probable cost £2250 to £3250.







A business to business event

A business to business event with 20 2m x 2m stands – cost indication £1250 to £1750.







This layout, excluding furniture, consisting of 19 stands would be between £2000 and £2750.






Fresco gantry system

This picture shows the Fresco exhibition panel system being used with its associated gantry system, Sculpture, and large graphics. The cost of this kind of display, excluding the graphics, could be around £1250 (including delivery, assembly and collection) depending on a number of factors. The venue, ease of access and the duration of the exhibition will be some of the factors.


Additional photographs

We have included some more photographs to help explain what is available; we have found them very useful whilst discussing requirements with clients.

4’ wide section 6’ high 4’ wide section 6’ high.
Two 3’ wide sections 6’ high Two 3’ wide sections 6’ high.
Two 2’ wide 6’ high and two 3’ wide 6’ high sections Two 2’ wide 6’ high and two 3’ wide 6’ high sections.